Abdi Barre “TFG is dispensing security weakness”


Former member parliament of Somalia Abdi Barre Jibril said there is a security reprieve seen in the government top security agencies in the country.

He said, “that the reasons for the last Saturday’s explosion to have reached in the Ministry of Interior, which is under the construction of Otto Otto near the legislative branch of the federal parliament at the city centre of the capital Mogadishu was so desperate.”

Abdi Barre also added that it is so desperate why security forces are disrupting the public, while the city major centres are being attacked in daily broad light

“It’s clear, the federal government is showing weakness insecurity, especially the government top security agencies, the people in the capital fighting for their daily bread are in trouble every day for heavy roadblocks in the main roads of the city but still no difference in the security,” said Abdi Barre.

A day earlier, al-Shabaab launched an attack on a suicide car at Otto Otto headquarters in the Somali security and interior ministries in the Somali federal government, resulting in a variety of casualties.

The Somalia-based al-Shabab, an arm of al-Qaida, often targets high-profile areas of the capital, Mogadishu.

The ongoing threat from what has become the deadliest Islamic extremist group in sub-Saharan Africa has hurt efforts to strengthen Somalia’s fragile government and stabilize the long-chaotic Horn of Africa nation