Applause and Paramount Journey of Farmajo to Djibouti!


His Excellency President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo is travelling today to Djibouti in order to thaw the diplomatic ties and bounce back the diplomatic relation among the two states which was steadily worsening for the last weeks. Nevertheless, Djibouti was freaked out when the Somali president his Excellency Farmajo calls to lift sanctions on Eritrea. In the mean time, the Djiboutian ambassador to Somalia has released a letter which is expressed their decision towards the Somalia president’s calls. In this regard, the Djibouti government has a concern that Eritrea is occupying still part of Djibouti territory and also is denying that they are having Djiboutian prisoners.

Ethiopian government’s leverage towards Horn of Africa!

The slash wave which is taking place Horn of Africa and leading by Ethiopian leader affected the region generally and Somalia and Djibouti specifically. Abiy, the youngest leader of Africa was came an unprecedented visit to Somalia and Eritrea in order to terminate and eliminate the feud among these two countries with his country Ethiopia. And this step was stunned the whole world.  

UAE is exploiting behind the curtain!

When Somali government evicts the UAE, and at the same time nullified the deal between DP world and Somaliland towards Berbera port, emirates embarks meddling deeply the internal affairs of Somalia. Sometimes, they finance local politicians so as to dilute and paralyze the current government. And the other time, they employ Ethiopia as a proxy in order to confuse the Somali government which is recovering closely three decades of civil strife, haphazard and tricky situations.

Potential Outcomes

  • Thrashing out and thawing the eternal relationship among Somalia and Djibouti
  • Bouncing back the diplomatic collateral damage among the two brothers/sisters countries
  • Beefing up and sweeping up the unity and solidarity among the two states
  • Divorcing the previous misdeed and investing the peace talks


  • Somalia should play its role in the region with precaution
  • Somalia and Djibouti should contemplate before they take any decision which can harm their mutual interest
  • Creating constant and unwavering ally among the two states which serves and contributes the two country’s national interests
  • Somalia and Djibouti should transcend when they are sustaining and maintaining their open-ended relationship.

Anwar Abdifatah Bashir (Freelance Journalist and Independent Journalism)