Ministry of water launches $11m rural water access project


The Ministry of Energy and Water Resources today launched an $11 million rural water development programme funded by the African Development Bank.

Speaking during the launch of the three year project, Federal minister for Energy and Water Resources Salim Aliyow said the project will expand access to clean water to several rural areas in the country.

“This program we are launching today is aimed at facilitating or improving the access of water by the communities living in rural areas under the sponsorship of the African Development Bank (ADB),” said Aliyow.

The Minister said the project is part of socio-economic support from the ADB adding his ministry prioritized the water programme.

The project to be implemented by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) will involve the renovation of 20 boreholes and well and piping of water from areas which have access to rivers. It will utilize solar energy to purify water for consumption.

The event was attended by several officials from the ministry and the International Organization for Migration (IOM).