Somali MP accuses Kenyan troops of rape and extra-judicial killings in Gedo region


A lawmaker has accused Kenyan forces in of rape and extra-judicial killings in Gedo region days after local administration pointed fingers at the same forces for killings.

Abdi Shire, a Federal MP said the Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) based near the border town of Belet Hawo raped about five Somali girls.

The accusations, the MP said comes barely a week after two Somali men in El-Wak town in the same region were killed by KDF following disputes with the local administration.

“The continuous violation of civil rights and outrageous crimes by the Kenyan forces including the last of which is the gang rape of five girls on July 24, are unacceptable,” he said.

The MP called the KDF to limit itself to its patrolling duties and on combat against terrorists.

“We strongly condemn the extra-judicial killing, destruction of properties, the decimation of livestock and other violations the forces continue to perpetrate against civilians in the region,” said Abdi shire.

The lawmaker also called on the federal government of Somalia to take urgent action against Kenyan troops in the country.