Somali Navy Marks 54th Anniversary


Somali Navy force has marked its 54th anniversary since inception.The event which was colorful kicked off with the march of the band group.

The event celebrates the efforts, roles, successes and achievement of the Somali Navy since its inception on 10th February 1965.

Somali military chief, Gen.Dahir Adan Elmi has congratulated the forces for their commitments to serve the nation.

“I want to extend my gratitude to all the members serving Somali coastal guards. I wish them success in their work all times,” he said.

Despite Somalia being an infamous hub for pirates sometimes back, the country boasted naval forces, which marks its 54th anniversary at Mogadishu’s Sugunto Lido Beach today.

Before the fall of the government in 1991, Somalia had half a dozen small Russian built ships that quickly disappeared during the civil strife.

Somalia’s Navy used to intensify the war against the illegal exploitation of marine resources through surveillance and to patrol maritime boundaries.

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