Somaliland Postpones Talks With Somalia


The breakaway region of Somaliland on Saturday postponed its talks with Somalia that was to be held in Djibouti.

Speaking to a parliamentary committee for Foreign Affairs in Hargeisa, Somaliland’s Foreign Affairs Minister Sa’ad Ali Shire said they will reconsider their stand after a month.

“We have postponed it for a month” the Minister said.

“After the month ends, we will look at the available circumstances and decide on whether we can start it or not” said Mr. Shire.

However, the Minister noted that Somaliland has not withdrawn from the talks.

“Our talks with Somalia has been approved by the parliament and we have accepted it as government” said the Minister.

“We have not cancelled it but the circumstance that would have allowed the talks is not there at the moment” he added.

The Minister has not mentioned the circumstances that led to their decision.

The federal government of Somalia has recently termed a tripartite agreement on Berbera port between Somaliland, UAE’s DP World and Ethiopia as illegal, saying right channels were not passed when constituting the agreement.